Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honest Little Fox

You better be honest as a fox from here on out and I know about these things, relationships are hard with all this living we've got to do crawling out of our bones...And god dammit if we don't all make mistakes sometimes and its best not to move on but learn and carry them with you, that way if you screw up enough times well at least you'll be strong enough to dig your way out from underneath all that heavy sorrowful dirt and rock. But who am I to say, I'm the one who went on and messed it all up...I'll just keep planting melons in the melon patch, and water the corn, and watch out the backdoor remembering good old Mr. Duck, Mr. Dead Duck now after that last thunderstorm, but at least he gets to rest nestled inside all that good rich earth, dozing with the worms working away at rebuilding the soil. Good god the hot dirt the ripe earth! Walk slow through the ancient golden sands of time. Get high on the low light, backlit leaves. Early summer rain catches in the forests eaves of new leaves.

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